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Row of the tops of heads of cats and dogs with paws up, peeking over a blank white sign. S

Our Policies

Our Policies At Pamper & Play, are Important to us for keeping your pets safe.

Matting In Cats & Dogs

Matting is a condition in your dog or cats fur that is caused by dense tangles and knots. its a painful condition that can lead to other health concerns such as infections or skin irritations and even parasites

Matting Is Usually Very Painful and even us as professionals can not remove matting by brushing them out. We reserve the right to use the most humane method needed for your cat or dog which is usually shaving them out to prevent a painful experience


Animal Welfare is so important to us, we will always tailor our grooming sessions to your dogs specific needs. If we feel your dog is very anxious after trying multiple strategies to perform the groom  we have the right to stop the groom. To Prevent further distress.

(full payment will still need to be made.)


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