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We Provide A Range Of Dog Grooming Services, We Cater For All Dogs From Puppies To Senior Dogs. Our Grooming Sessions Are As Relaxing As Possible. 

All Products Used Are Pet Friendly. Your Canine Friends Will Be Bathed In Appropriate Shampoos and Conditioners For  Skin And Coat Type

Brushing the Fur
Grooming Salon

Full Grooming Sessions

A Full Groom includes 

  •  2 x Wash & Blowdry

  • Banana/Blueberry Facial

  • Hair Cut\De-shed

  • Nail clip

  • Spray Of Dog Cologne

Price Is dependant on breed/matting incurs a additional fee.

S Breed £30.00

M Breed £35.00- £45.00

L Breed £45.00 - £55.00

XL Breed £60.00 - £65.00

De-shedding Sessions

Double Coated Dogs

De-shedding is the process where we remove hair from your dogs undercoat. De-shedding is beneficial for your dogs coat and prevents painful matting and hot spots

De-shedding Treatment

2x Wash and dry

Blast the undercoat to remove dead furs

A Good Brush with our specific De-shed Brush And Undercoat Rake

Price Depends On Size Of Breed

Dog Grooming

Bath & Dry Only

A Single Bath & Blow Dry In Appropriate Canine Shampoo With A Warm Blow Dry


S BREED £25.00

M BREED £30.00  

L BREED  £35.00   

XL BREED £40.00


Puppy Grooms

(6 months Only)

2x Wash and dry

Nail Trim

Small Hair Trim/De-shed

We Always Start Of Positive With Our Grooming Sessions. Puppies Should Be Introduced To Grooming Slowly So They Can Get Used To The Different Equipment And Sounds.

Having a Bath

Additional Treatments


  • £10.00 Teeth Cleaning

  • £5.00 Paw & Pad Scrub

  • £5.00 Banana & Blueberry Facial

  • £10.00 Ear Cleaning

  • £15.00 De shed Mud Spa

  • Mobility Mud Spa (Useful To Senior Dogs)

  • £10.00 Nail Trim


British Shorthair cat kitten and a border collie dog with happy expression together on blu
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