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PAMPER & PLAY Pet Services.

A Small  Friendly Team That Offer Professional Dog Walking | Cat & Dog Grooming 

(Home Based Grooming Salon Service).

Pamper & Play Welcomes All Cat And Dog Breeds In The Twickenham And Surrounding Areas.


We Cater To All Size Breeds Small To Extra Large.

1-1 Dog & Cat Grooming Sessions

1-1 Dog Walks

We Provide Multiple Pet Services In The TW2 & Surrounding Areas


At Pamper & Play we pride ourselves in treating all dogs with kindness and patience, and provide a personal and caring grooming service for dogs & cats of all breeds and sizes.  


  • We work with you to ensure that your lifestyle and requirements as well as your pet's needs are taken into consideration when discussing your pet's grooming.

  • Our desire is to create the style and groom of your choice, while also aiming to groom your four-footed friend to the highest level for both looks and comfort.

  • We listen to what you want and can offer any advice through experience and understanding.

  • We do offer different grooming styles, however our aim is for you to have the groom you desire.

  • We can also offer advice on grooming your pet whilst taking your pet's needs into consideration, and can discuss any requirements with you beforehand or at the time of the visit.

  • If during the groom any requirements need to change we will endeavour to discuss these with you.

  • Let us take care of your dog or cats coat and leave it shining, healthy and more comfortable to walk and run in.

  • All breeds and crossbreeds catered for; and any size of dog.

  • We are specialists in working with dogs that are not always comfortable being groomed

  • We will respect your dog's outlook on life and do the best we can to positively rehabilitate any grooming dislikes.

  • We are experts in being able to groom nervous and groom-shy dogs and through each groom teaching them more and more how to learn to cope positively if not end up loving the process.


Meet Our Lovely Staff

Row of the tops of heads of cats and dogs with paws up, peeking over a blank white sign. S
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